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The Ultimate Festival Survival Guide

April 10, 2019
Large crowd of people at a festival outdoors

There are plenty of articles online about having fun at festivals – their advice includes practical ideas like: download the festival app, drink lots of water, pack for all weather, and bring a refillable water bottle, sunblock, and more.

Like you, most people attending festivals want to have a great time and enjoy the experience. Sadly, there are a few who go with the intention of taking advantage of or hurting others. Because they exist, consider taking:

  • People you trust, because when you are cranky from dehydration, no privacy and sleep deprivation, y u want people who still have your back no matter what.
  • Social media mindfulness, because you don ’t want posted social images to become the highlight of future employment background checks.
  • Closed beverage containers or drink lids; Google: “Guy caught on camera spiking a girl’s drink at festival” and see for yourself why this is so important.
  • Doses of Naloxoneor NARCAN (opioid inhibitor) and a sense of wariness and caution over homemade food and drugs. Drugs sometimes seen at festivals: MDMA (ecstasy, molly), Xan ax, etc.can be contaminated with deadly doses of fentanyl (synthetic opioid ). Drug s can also be hidden in foods or drinks offer ed to you. Many opioid overdoses occur to those who never meant to take them. If you, or someone y u came with, gets exposed to an opioid and stops breathing, you can save a life by administering an inhibitor right away. To get/find out more about Naloxone/NARCAN, go to your pharmacy or Sonoran Prevention Works. You can find drug test kits and more risk reduction strategies here.
  • A venue map you can know your exits. Fires, riots, and active shootings are rare but pose real risks. If you are with friends, it’s wise to set up an exit plan with meeting places inside and outside the venue if you get separated.

Remember, the more prepared you are, the easier it ’ll be to relax and have a good time.

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