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Date Ideas For Valentine's Day & Beyond

Two people's feet with hiking boots on and mountains in the background

Here are some ideas for getting out, doing something eww, having a good time, and getting to know someone better.

1. Hiking– Tucson is a hiker’s paradise, with lush deserts, mountain forests, and everything in between. Explore the nearby State Parks, National Parks, and Forests for the ultimate change in scenery.

2. Picnic– Low on cash? No problem. Grab a blanket, a few snacks, a Frisbee, and you are set. Check out the turtle pond west of Gila Hall near Park Ave. or the RoseGardenat the ForbesBuildi ng. If you are looking for some greenery off-campus, try nearby HimmelPark.

3. Museums– These offer the perfect place (and pace)to stroll, reflect, and get to know your date. On the UA Campus, we have a wold-class photography museum (the Center for Creative Photography), an art museum, a gem and mineral museum, and a state museum, and more. Check out the Planetarium for ou t-o f-this-world exhibits and shows.

4. Cooking– Making a meal together is an enjoyable and flavorful activity for a date. Need ideas? UA Cooking on Campus has recipes and interactive classes to help you create something uniquely edible.

5. Theater Night– Tucson has many fantastic live theatre options. Two of our favorites? Arizona Theatre Company in downtown Tucson. Best kept secret? Students can buy $10 tickets. Or, check out The Gaslight Theatre on the eastside– it’s a Tucson original. They will have you laugh ing out loud, cheering the heroes, and booing the villains. Free popcorn and a dinner menu. Live mu ic and laughs galore!

6. Students Entertaining You– UA sporting events aren’t the only thing to watch on campus. Checkout UA theatre, music, and dance events on the UA Master Calendar!


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