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4 Things To Always Do In Bed

Nov. 1, 2019
Man Sleeping on bed

If you are thinking “sex”, click here.

Right now we’re talking about the most important thing you do in bed: sleep! So, how can you get enough sleep to help you manage stress, enhance your emotional and physical health, boost your immune system, and increase your energy?  Follow these steps:

In Bed

Use your bed for its intended activities (sleeping and intimate encounters).

  1. Keep regular waking and bedtime hours as much as possible. This takes self-discipline but the rewards are worth it.
  2. Don’t eat, work, watch TV, or study in bed.Associating your bed with other activities can making sleeping more difficult.
  3. Sleep in a dark, quiet room without screens and/or monitor lights aglow.Use a sleep mask and/or ear plugs if you have roommates or live in a noisy environment.It may feel weird at first but you’ll likely adapt.
  4. Be the boss of your phone. Use the “do not disturb” function and set it for the hours when you usually sleep (e.g. 11pm-7am). This way, you won’t get texts or calls that (really!) can wait ‘til tomorrow.If you have FOMO, never fear: if someone calls you twice, it WILL ring through.

Out of Bed

  1. Stay physically active - you’ll sleep better if your body moves daily.
  2. Avoid late-day caffeine & nicotine as these stimulants work against falling and staying asleep.

Bonus Tip

Keep naps short (30 minutes or less).  Ironically, lengthy naps can leave you feeling lethargic and disrupt your sleep routine