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3 Things You Lose Out On When You Don’t Get Enough Sleep

April 1, 2018
a girl falling asleep around books

Losing really stings, doesn’t it?

Psychology and economics tells us that it’s better not to lose something than to gain something we didn’t have in the first place. 

This principal, sometimes called loss aversion, means that we are more concerned about things we might lose in life, compared to things we might gain.  This affects all manner of decisions, from how products are marketed to us, to how and why people take risks.  

And yes, it can even influence decisions we make about our health.

While we all know the benefits of good sleep, consider what you miss out on when you simply don’t get enough of it.

What have you got to lose?  Here are three things, for starters:

Your Grades – Studies show that students who have irregular bed and wakeup times during the week do worse academically compared to students who go to bed and wake up at similar times each day.

Your Healthy Weight – There’s nothing magical about late night calories, but if you’re awake more and sleeping less you will tend to eat more – often to the tune of calories you probably don’t need.

Your Good Looks – Studies support the idea that people feel happier and healthier when they get enough sleep (plan for 7-9 hours each night).  Enough sleep will also keep your hair full, your eyes bright, and keep your skin glowing and healthy.  So don’t lose out on your beauty sleep