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3 Cool Things That Happen While You Sleep

Feb. 1, 2015
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Getting enough sleep each night is just plain awesome for your emotional and physical health. So what really goes on while we sleep? A lot. Here are 3 of the many cool things that happen while we sleep.

1. Memories Are Stored

The brain forms new memories, consolidates older ones, and makes connections between older and more recent memories. This helps us to store the new information we received and enables us to better recall it later.

2. Immune System Is Boosted

The production of certain proteins (which helps fight disease) increase while we sleep. Many studies have shown that sleep deprivation leads to a decrease in white blood cell count (cells that are integral to our immune system defense and response). Getting enough sleep plays an important role in our ability to fight off, fight, and recover from infections and illnesses.

3. Appetite Is Regulated

Hormones have an effect on our feelings of fullness and hunger. As a result, not getting enough sleep can lead to weight gain, in part due to late night snacks and meals. Experts recommend getting between 7-9 hours of sleep per night. In a perfect world, you would sleep until you wake up on your own (without the assistance of an alarm clock). But since we don’t live in a perfect world, try these tips to help you sleep better!

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